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About Pixelnav

We at Pixelnav, blend art of web and graphic designing with professional approach. Pixelnav, a web design company in Kolkata, has been successfully providing service in local  & overseas  projects of web & graphic design.

From big websites to minisites, from direct response online tools design to Wordpress theme coding & development, Pixelnav has been able to create a brand image in whatever domain it enters.

Our main objective is to become one of the top ten web design companies  in India. We also want a leading position among the global IT companies within next five years. We would like to establish a brand equity for our company name, ‘Pixelnav’. Pixelnav wants to grow in a way that when you think of complete web solution, you only think about us.

We never compromise with our quality of service and try to provide most innovative web design & development services. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Planned project management and customer support: 
We maintain a smooth flow of overall customer management. We take the initial orders, scan the client data well, provide them customized solution and seek long term relationship with the client. Our executives will be in continuous touch with you to provide project update. We are good at meeting project deadlines.

Standard Cost Effective solution:
We are ready to provide a qualitative job at a fare price. We initialize a project once we receive 30% of overall project cost.

User Interface prototype building:
We work on user interface (UI) development technique on client’s demand. Under this service we test all the link building in web pages, page navigation system, user friendly page creation, easy website functioning etc.

Stages Development:
Our total functions are categorized in two units:  design and web language development.

Pixelnav provides coding support for XHTML/HTML along with CSS,  PHP 4/5. Our graphic design services are based on software like, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Sound Forge, Corel Draw etc.  We believe that a perfect web solution can be provided by a proportionate mix of both web design and coding. We always look for talents who have the knowledge of both.

International quality maintenance:
We can maintain international standard of website making as per international organization W3C’s specification. We do such quality control as per client’s request and charge a competitive price for this global standard maintenance.

Money back guarantee:
We give you two times revision facility. During or before this revision check, if you feel not satisfied with our work, we give you guarantee for 100% money back. Fortunately, we never faced such situation because clients feel completely satisfied by our work much before second time revision.