Pixelnav Disclaimer Agreement


  1. All the contents, graphics, information displayed on Pixelnav website are strongly copyrighted under international copyright laws and should not be shared, displayed, distributed without the written permission of Pixelnav management. 
  2. Pixelnav’s terms and conditions, contents, website design, service charges and business strategy can be changed at any time without taking prior consent from any other company.
  3. Pixelnav won’t be responsible for any kind of damages in client’s data, websites or services after its contract with the client ends.
  4. Pixelnav takes no responsibility for any type of virus, spyware, malware, adware attacks on client’s sites and his/her server and terminal computers. If client’s data is hacked, damaged and stolen Pixelnav won’t be responsible for that.
  5. Pixelnav reserves the right to stop giving services to any of its clients at anytime.
  6. Pixelnav reserves the sole right of not disclosing any of its clients’ information to other companies, clients, security agencies etc.
  7. In case, Pixelnav finds that the client is making a fraudulent trade practice with Pixelnav, the matter will be further prosecuted under international court laws and jurisdictions.
  8. As per Pixelnav Payment procidure, pixelnav team can starts work after getting 50% advance of the total project value. After completion of work, client have to pay rest 50% to Pixelnav Account.
  9. Any Amount, which client was send us before starting of his/her project will not be refunded. If client want to stop any project in the middle of any project, we will not refunded any amount to the client. But we can adjust this amount with client next project.
  10. In case, the client does not pay in proper installments, Pixelnav has the right to stop giving its services.
  11. Customer/client of Pixelnav deserves the right to change his/her/its content, graphic and website which he/she/it has taken from Pixelnav, after the contract between him/her/it and Pixelnav ends.
  12. Clients of Pixelnav deserve the sole right to change their terms and business strategy at any time, however, deal and contract between a company / client and Pixelnav can only be changed by both party’s consent.
  13. Money refunds do not apply, if the client has made the final payment and wants more revision facilities than the standard number of revisions, charges will be added extra for that additional effort.
  14. After completion of projects, client can get 7 days extra for revision the projects on client's server. After 7 days, it will be a New project and the client have to pay extra for that additional effort.
  15. After uploading files into client server, if client do not reply in time and for that perticular reason, project is not finish, Pixelnav will have rights to remove all contents, images and coding related files, which already uploaded to client server.

By any of the services partially or completely from Pixelnav, you hereby agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of Pixelnav.