Some Essential Question & Answer About Pixelnav


1. What is ‘customized web solution’ provided by Pixelnav?

Pixelnav understands that no two clients have the same requirement. Be it web delopment or graphic design, we understand customer’s varied requirements and provide customized solutions as per their needs.

2. I need few banners and one professional logo for my site. How can Pixelnav help me?

Pixelnav a specialized service for all standard and custom sized banners. We also design animated .GIF and Flash type banners. If you have any query regarding design of banners or logos, we can provide you online support to answer your query instantly.

3.What charges Pixelnav takes for its design services? Is there any fixed cost?

Please visit our Order page to get more info. for this purpose. Our standard rates are all included here. If you have customized requirement then we will give you a customized quotation. All charges are quite competitive.

Another advantage of us is we don’t charge extra for first two times revision of you work. if the customer needs more than two times of revision, then we charge extra and that extra charge depends on type of effort we have to give for our work.

4.What is the payment process?

We accept payment from the customers through Paypal. If the customer is not suitable for Paypal mode of payment, he can pay us through online bank transaction.

5. Are there any hidden charges in Pixelnav’s design process?

Transparency about our services and charges is our asset. What is written in this site regarding payment, we just go according to that. Only for our extra effort, more than two times product revision facility and customized solution providing, we charge extra.

6. Why should I disclose all private information about the project to Pixelnav, even if they are risky share with anybody?

We hate spam and data theft. All your private data will remain secured by Pixelnav and its employees. To provide you accurate solution, we need to understand your process and product information thoroughly. If you tell us better what you want, we can help you better in providing solution.

6. What role Pixelnav plays in web content writing?

Pixelnav has a team of content writers well versed with the online SEO friendly business English. However, we request you to give us keywords while we work on your topic. There is no fixed charge for content writing. We charge you as per type of the topic.

7. Is SEO a part of Pixelnav’s services?

Pixelnav does both ethical and organic SEO. To obtain natural search results of his site in search engines, one can opt for the service of Pixelnav. We know how search engines work and we design you pages with proper keyword in HTML pages to easily obtain search engines’ attention. We follow search engine friendly processes that may be used to describe web site designs, menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that have been optimized for the purpose of search engine results. However, Pixelnav does not and can not give you guarantee that your web page will always come at a certain position in the search process with a particular keyword in search engines.

8. need a website but don’t have a domain. Does Pixelnav help in domain booking and web hosting?

Pixelnav does all kinds of domain booking, web hosting and site registering with proper planning.

9. After designing my company’s logo, banners or web pages, how Pixelnav will deliver the output?

We deliver your draft version within 48-72 hours in business days. After choosing the design we start the finalizing method.  For web design we can upload it into client’s server with free of cost. And for Graphics we deliver it by e-mail with previously mentioned time limit to our clients.  As we know time is an essential part of any project. Clients’ choice about delivery time is always heard and valued.

10. Pixelnav’s portfolio items are few and do not match with my industry type? Why should I deal with them?

There are thousands of industry types and it’s not possible for any web designing company to design for all these industries and keep sample work of each in their portfolio section. We always design for your site after doing a lot of online research. In the portfolio section you should look for Pixelnav’s quality of work rather than its quantity. 

11. I want to sell an ebook or one music CD. How can Pixelnav help me?

For selling ebook, Pixelnav designs ebook cover and for marketing CD/DVD, Pixelnav also designs ebox cover. If you want to put these in a sales page, then Pixelnav can design a whole minisite for you.

12. What support Pixelnav will provide after the contract is over? 

If you further wish to continue our service then Pixelnav team will contact you after 48 hours of end of product. Also you can make a new contract with us for upgradation of your product for the future.

13. Do you have a refund policy?

We will make a complete refund of your money if you are not 100% satisfied with our work.

14. Do you offer special discounts if I order multiple items?

We have seasonal discount and special offers that are sent to our customers through newsletters. Subscribe to our newsletter and in case you see any special offer, just grab it!